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Atlantic Seascape

The Atlantic Seascape range has fish and dolphins going around the pot among blue colours to represent the sea with a shell sitting on yellow sand frequently painted inside the bowls or beneath the seascape.


The Birnam range is named after the type of glaze rather than a specific decoration.  It is a glaze which moves in the firing and as the results often look like tree branches  we named it Birnam after the moving wood in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


The Bracken range is very new and we are in the process of building up this range. It is a combination of two glazes, one of which runs while the other is stable. The results are always different but similar in colour and various colours can be seen as the unstable glaze moves down the pot.


The Clematis range was originally based on a beautiful clematis which grew in a local garden, cascading over the fence, and, although blue is the most popular colour for the petals, can be painted in various colours by request.  Our multi coloured clematis has proven popular and can now also be chosen from the drop down menu.

Cuillin Scenes

The Cuillin range represents the Cuillin mountains with a dark outline of the hills above a combination of yellow, brown and green for the lower slopes.


The Machair range represents the sandy area of land between croft and sea on the western shores of the Hebrides. In early summer the machair is usually filled with colourful wild flowers.


Puffins come to nest on the Ascrib islands in Uig bay each year. They stay until late July or early August when the young are able to leave the nest.

Skye Expressive Landscape

The Skye Expressive Landscape range is intended to suggest a landscape rather than depict any particular area. The lower part of the design combines yellow and brown with green to represent the land and colours of bracken and grasses on croft land.

Storr Scenes

The Storr range is a representation of the Storr and the Old Man of Storr in the Trotternish Ridge in the north of Skye. It is a reminder of the famous landmark which can be seen for many miles as you travel north through the Isle of Skye.


The Tartan range represents the colours of sea, heather and grass painted in a plaid pattern.

Trotternish Hens

The Trotternish Hens range developed as a result of watching our hens and cockerel as they went about their daily lives. It usually shows a cockerel crowing or strutting while three hens peck at the ground for food.

Uig Blue

The Uig Blue range is under development and is a mixture of two glazes which have the combined effect of moving on the pot. This movement of the glazes means no two pots are ever the same but the main colour is blue.


The Seashore range is a combination of two glazes that creates an effect of the hebridean seashore.
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